Best places to work in Financial Services

Over the past couple of weeks we've given you an overview of the financial services industry, as well as looking at a range of different jobs. But which companies are the best ones to work for? Here are our top three picks.


Credit: Optiver

Credit: Optiver

Optiver is a financial markets company that provides derivatives prices to international customers. They operate globally, with their Asia Pacific operations based in Sydney employing around 250 people.

Why we’re impressed

  • Optiver was awarded third place in BRWs 2015 Best Places to Work awards for businesses with 100+ employees.
  •  Any firm that can keep voluntary staff turnover to <10% is doing something right in our book!
  •  How do they do it? Try in-house poker tournaments, a wine club and sporting teams (of course, this is Australia after all).
  • They have a highly developed- and tough - hiring protocol, with potential employees having to pass a test before proceeding to an interview. It is a transparent process…all recruitment activities are recorded online for employees to log in and see.
  •  We’re also impressed by the community nature of their engagement, providing employees with the opportunity to direct company donations to the charity of their choice.

Mine Wealth + Wellbeing

Credit: Mine Wealth + Wellbeing

Credit: Mine Wealth + Wellbeing

Previously known as AUSCOAL Super, Mine Wealth + Wellbeing is a highly successful industry superannuation fund.

Why we’re impressed

  • More than doing their bit for gender equality, 2/3 of the company’s employees are women.
  • We’re not just talking about entry level positions either. Female staff occupy more than 50% of team leader / manager roles and more than 30% of executive positions.
  • They have an internal Employee Consultative Committee that provides a forum for employees tor raise and discuss issues that are important to them.


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     Credit: Medibank     

Credit: Medibank


Medibank is Australia’s largest health insurer and employs over 3,000 people. Previously government owned and operated, it floated on the ASX in November 2014 and has since moved into refurbished corporate headquarters in Melbourne.

Why we’re impressed

Ë  Staff enjoy a number of perks, over and above discounted health insurance (35% discount!). These include access to a herb garden and shoulder massages.

Ë  They have an activity based working model, where employees choose their work setting based on the type of activity that needs to be completed

Ë  The head office incorporates a number of features intended to enhance employee wellbeing, including:

o    Sports courts for lunchtime basketball, soccer and tennis matches

o    Facilities to make it easier for cyclists, including bike ramps between floors.

o    Demonstration cooking classes!


That’s a really solid list of employee related initiatives across the three firms that we’ve looked at today. How many of those boxes does your current employer tick? What would be at the top of your wish list? We’d love to hear what perks are important to you.