Specialise, generalise, fantasise: Awkward work problems and pen cap holes

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A dog walks into a hotel lobby: The greatest hospitality story ever told 

This story will give you the warm fuzzies. Working in hospitality can give you real opportunities to directly impact people – it’s more than just a job.


If you have an awkward work problem, this is the person to ask about it

With so much of our time spent at work, everyone is sure to encounter an awkward work problem. For example, that inconveniently long walkway leading to the lift, meaning that you can see someone heading towards the lift from miles away…taking their sweet ass time to get there. Do you hold the door open for them or shrug at them apologetically as the lift doors close? Well, Ask a Manager is here to answer your questions. But first, click the link above for a great write-up on a few of those more common awkward work problems.

As work gets more complex, six rules to simplify (Video)

Hands up if you’re over the onslaught of training, processes, metrics, frameworks, committees, sub-committees, matrices. The larger organisations get, the more complicated they often become. Here are six rules for ‘smart simplicity’.


Here's why pen caps have a small hole at the top

Despite the rise of technology, pens are here to stay – including those tacky ballpoint pens that you see whenever you actually step foot into a bank or fill out a form at the doctor’s clinic. But have you ever wondered what the deal was with the small hole on the top of the pen cap? It’s there for a surprisingly good reason…