10 signs that it's time to quit your job

You've been in a funk about your job for a few weeks now and can't tie it back to any one particular work situation. It seems like more than just a phase - but it's paying the bills and you think to yourself that maybe you should just suck it up and get over it. 

1.   You drag your heels heading into work each day...and you've been arriving at work later and later.


2.  You don't feel inspiration from your work, your manager or your company's mission.

3.  You're hungry to learn more, try more, and do more at work than your current job allows you to do.

4.  You're pretty sure that you're underpaid for the work you do.

5.  Your boss and his or her bosses don't value or appreciate your contributions at work.

6.  You don't really feel like you're growing or developing in your current role, despite trying new projects or initiatives. In fact, you feel as though your brain cells are slowly dying as each day passes by.

7.  You know you have a lot more talent and creativity than your current job allows you to express.

8.  You daydream about more exciting career paths sometimes, but job hunting is a major turn-off.

9.  You know how to help your company be more successful, but nobody wants to hear your ideas.

10.  Your co-workers don't seem concerned about the lack of vision and dynamism in your workplace. Seeing as you're the only team member who's dissatisfied, you're obviously the problem, right?

Sound like you? Don't let your job crush your hopes, dreams and soul...maybe it's time for you to do something about it.