If you'd love more holidays, here's where you need to work

It's a public holiday today at skillfox HQ. (Some old English lady's birthday; except it's not actually her birthday, but that's a whole 'nother story.) That got us thinking about where in the world people get the most holidays. Now, fortunately some other fine folks have done research on this, so we didn't have to work too hard putting a list together. Which is good...because it's supposed to be a public holiday!

Travel search site Wego put together a list of countries with the highest number of official holidays. 

Credit: Wego

Credit: Wego

1. India
Number of holidays: 21

2. Colombia, Philippines
Number of holidays: 18

3. China, Hong Kong
Number of holidays: 17

4. Thailand, Turkey, Pakistan
Number of holidays: 16

5. Japan, Malaysia, Argentina, Lithuania, Vietnam, Sweden
Number of holidays: 15

6. Indonesia, Chile, Slovakia
Number of holidays: 14

7. South Korea, Austria, Belgium, Norway, Taiwan
Number of holidays: 13

8. Finland, Russia
Number of holidays: 12

9. Singapore, Italy, Denmark, France, UAE, Morocco, Czech Republic, Luxembourg
Number of holidays: 11

10. US, Portugal, Poland, Ukraine, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, Croatia, Romania
Number of holidays: 10

Credit: Edan Cohen

Credit: Edan Cohen

So there we have it. On raw numbers, India comes in at a clear No. 1. As you can see, Australia, NZ and the US all fall pretty far down the list.

Sometimes the numbers can be deceiving. Not only do workers in China get 17 official public holidays, but the government makes it easier for them to take longer breaks. When the scheduled holiday happens to fall on a weekend, the official dates are swapped with weekdays. In 2015, for example, the total of 17 public holidays actually meant having 28 days off.

When you consider total days off (i.e. public holidays + paid vacation time) the list turns out quite differently. We'll save that to look at another day.

Happy holiday!