Best way to combine work and play on the slopes


Age – 30

Location – Whistler, Canada

What do you get when you combine alcohol with skiing? No people, not an off-their-face skiier (as amusing as this is), but rather a pretty awesome job as General Manager of a local pub in Whistler. Courtney, better known as Sticky, tells us more.

What's your current role?

General Manager of a local pub

Tell me about your career path leading up to your current role.

I completed a double degree in Mechanical Engineering and Finance. After graduating I took an engineering job. My role was to create generating housings for specific jobs (i.e. sound, size and output).

I left that job to move to Canada mainly to ski (and a girl :) ). I had hoped to design skis using my engineering background.

Credit: Tourism Whistler

Credit: Tourism Whistler

The companies in town were struggling for work at the time, so I found it hard to find a job in that field. Instead I landed a job as a bouncer at a pub called Tapley’s Neighbourhood Pub. I took the job because it meant I had days to ski and then could work nights. From there I moved up slowly over the summer months to become a bartender, then the Assistant Manager. After 6 months I took over as General Manager.

What does your role involve?

I have to look over all of the day-to-day operations of the business, as well as directing our expansion plans and identifying growth opportunities.

I do all the hiring, scheduling, ordering and event organisation.

What are your favourite aspects of the job?

Socialising with the customers and having the freedom to spend my days doing what I want. Plus. I get to live in a really beautiful and fun town.

Be honest – did you know what this job was when you were in uni? How/when did you first find out about it and what drew you to the role?

Really I am a bar manager so I knew what that was and I think I could have guessed what it entailed.

As I said before I was drawn to the job for the hours, but I also had a large role at uni running the ski team with bar nights, ski trips and running the party, so to be honest it fits quite well.

What type of person do you think would enjoy and do well in your kind of role?

You have to be relaxed (you are dealing with drunk people every day!) and also very personable.

Credit: Some ecards

Credit: Some ecards

What are your interests/projects outside of work? Have any of them helped you to get to your current role? What other things/people have influenced you?

My surroundings have played a huge part in my current career. Also, moving to Canada definitely put this more into focus and that wouldn’t have happened without my love for skiing (…and, oh yeah, there was that girl :) ).

What’s your advice for people who are considering a career in your field?

The hours are great to do what you want, but at the same time getting home late every night can be hard. You need to be on every day, happy to be there for the customers, but also for your staff.

Happy staff act happy and therefore you’ll have happy customers!