Why it's good to be a little nerdy

Those of us who don't work in IT might automatically think that "I work in IT" = IT service desk. Well in reality, the IT industry has a broad range of jobs, from client facing roles to behind the scenes, programming roles. We spoke to Catherine, who works at an IT services/consulting firm in a client facing role.

What’s your current role?

Senior Client Services Manager

Tell me about your career path leading up to your current role.

I graduated with a Commerce degree, but 'stumbled' into the IT industry in a specialised area to do with Software Licensing. It involves dealing with large software publishers, such as Microsoft VMWare and the likes. I then joined KPMG and Deloitte to gain exposure to a different perspective of advisory in software licensing.

Each job move was always based on a better opportunity at the time to learn new things, venture into a different realm of Software and IT.

Credit: Dilbert

Credit: Dilbert

What does your role involve?

Managing client's expectations, demonstrate Subject Matter Expertise and be the pivotal point for the service delivered to the client.

What are your favourite aspects of the job?

Lots of autonomy and being the problem solver. Always being kept on your toes as clients are, after all, very hard to please!

Be honest – did you know that your current role even existed when you were in uni? How/when did you first find out about it and what drew you it?

I couldn’t even dream about working in Software Licensing in IT when I studied International Business and Marketing. Well, if I was that much of a 'foresight-er' (is that a word?), I could be half as rich as Bill Gates!

Credit: Fact Slides

Credit: Fact Slides

What type of person do you think would enjoy and do well in your kind of role?

Independent, analytical, assertive, confident, be a bit nerdy when it comes to details.

What are your interests/projects outside of work? Have any of them helped you to get to your current role? What other things/people have influenced you?

I like adventure and travel - I'm not a dare devil but I enjoy physical activity or mentally challenging activities. I guess these things do mould one's character - friendliness, persistence and tenacity, to name a few.

What’s your advice for people who are considering a career in your field?

Anyone could work in IT, really. I’m not technical. That’s my favourite line to give the client when I need to get out of trouble :)