Give me what I want: Entertainment + Media overview

We all liked to be entertained.

We all like to consume media.

But the types of entertainment available to us, as well as the way we access it, has changed dramatically over the past two decades. From the internet, to smartphones and tablets, to streaming video services, to the growing popularity of gaming, this space has never offered more choice. Thank you, technology!

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Eat, sleep, relax, repeat: Hospitality industry overview

Working in hospitality has never been sexier. The meteoric rise of reality TV shows such as Master Chef and My Kitchen Rules has meant that the act of creating food is no longer about the bare necessities (you know, fuel for your body), but is now an elaborate art form. If you’re looking for holiday accommodation, options now include Airbnb or, if you’re willing and able to splash out, one of these insane living spaces. And then there’s the explosion in popularity of cruises for young and old alike – the lure of an easy but activity-packed holiday has hundreds heading to the sea at all times of the year, looked after by those who know how customer service is done.

Let’s have a look at some of the key hospitality stats and trends.

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