Are you worried that your boss is a psychopath?

The evidence is in.

According to the latest research, if you work in the corporate sector there is a 1-in-5 chance that your boss is a psychopath!

A study undertaken by Nathan Brooks, a forensic psychologist, and his research colleagues Dr Katarina Fritzon (Bond University) and Dr Simon Croom (University of San Diego), looked at people holding executive positions in the corporate sector. It was found that “…21% of 261 corporate professionals studied in the supply chain management industry had clinically significant levels of psychopathic traits.”

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Is your personality right for your job?

If you’ve ever spent time looking for a new job, you probably know that it isn’t easy. Searching on job boards, talking to recruiters, turning up to interviews just so you can be judged! (Let’s face it…that’s what it is). None of it is fun.

Now, the process isn’t easy for hiring managers either. At times it can seem as though finding the right candidate is like looking for a drop in the ocean. Sure there are loads to choose from…but how do you find the right one?

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How to co-pitch your startup: Five important lessons

My co-founder and I had our first pitch experience last week. There was no equity involved, just a cash prize, so that meant less pressure — but it was in front of a live audience and six judges, including a real life Shark (the Shark Tank variety — not the aquatic version), so there was some potential for public humiliation.

In the end it was an incredible experience and although we didn’t walk away with the moolah, we were the crowd favourite and managed to truly connect with the audience. But most importantly, what did we learn?

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