Behind the Scenes: An interview with David Fortescue, Production Coordinator (Part 2)

Yesterday we posted part 1 of our interview with David Fortescue, Production Coordinator at the Dainty Group. Today we finish it off with some insights regarding how he found out about the role, the type of person who would do well in and enjoy his role, external influencers and advice for people who are interested in pursuing this career path.

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Behind the Scenes: An interview with David Fortescue, Production Coordinator (Part 1)

Some people are fortunate enough to have been able to marry their work with their interests from the start of their career. But this hasn't come without a few risks and a lot of hustle for David Fortescue, who's the Production Coordinator at Dainty Group, the 5th largest promoter in the world. Some of the events he's been involved in run the gamut of Prince, Iron Maiden, Katy Perry, WWE and some comedy shows.

This interview was jam packed with absolute gems, so we've split it into two parts. We're also trying something a bit different and have included the full audio of the interview which includes some bonus content. Read on to find out more.

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Get paid to eat, sit and play video games: Entertainment + Media jobs

Having a job in Entertainment and Media must be pretty exciting and glamorous, right? Whilst I’m sure that’s often the case, not everything is as it seems. All that technological change that we wrote about yesterday has meant awesome things for consumers. But rapid change can make it difficult to negotiate a steady career course.

Today we’re taking a look at three jobs in the sector that made us stop and read them twice during our research. It’s a bit of a mixed bag. We can’t say whether or not these are worthwhile pursuing…but it was fun learning about them.

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Give me what I want: Entertainment + Media overview

We all liked to be entertained.

We all like to consume media.

But the types of entertainment available to us, as well as the way we access it, has changed dramatically over the past two decades. From the internet, to smartphones and tablets, to streaming video services, to the growing popularity of gaming, this space has never offered more choice. Thank you, technology!

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