YOUR personality PROFILE


We've developed a proprietary test to map your personality and workplace profile across nine important metrics. These are:

Big 5

The 'Big 5' refers to the highly regarded five factor model of personality. Most psychologists believe that this approach summarises the essential traits that act as the foundation of individual personality. Researchers are increasingly examining the utility of Big 5-based personality assessments to help match people to jobs that suit their individual makeup and style. It's becoming more important to businesses to make sure that the people they hire are the right 'fit' for the role, team and organisation. Understanding personality traits can help them do this

THE 4 C's

To be successful in the digital economy of today, workers need a different set of skills than they did in the past. When looking at the skills needed to succeed in the workplace of tomorrow, researchers focus on what they term ‘Darwinian’ skills. These are the skills that enable people to adapt, survive and thrive in fast changing environments. We prefer to call them the 4C’s, and they are: collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking.

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